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The Exasperation of Untimeliness

November 8, 2011

I’m blogging..I’m blogging…I’m blogging…
This is not an affirmation. It is more mumbling to myself and hoping the mumbles will move my stiff fingers beyond the world of imagination and into the concrete world of print.
I’ve recently starting writing a book tentatively entitled Higher Division. It’s still in the very earlier stages, but it’s started. I’ve been wanting to write forfuckingever (sp.). I’m planning on blogging daily to get the little grey cells working and may diverge into the anywhereness of untimeliness.


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  1. Tom Herbst permalink

    Ok Mr. crosby – you’ve got followers now – so stick with the program.

  2. I appreciate the encouragement Tom.

  3. Tom Herbst permalink

    Can we expect some discussion on your life’s work – “Higher Division”. It’sd not an expose on high school math is it?

  4. Susan Gilbert permalink

    I cannot wait to read more! Good luck and hope it is a best seller!!!!

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