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Just a note for the thousands of people waiting for any news that I’ve done some rewrites on a story I’d written earlier (The Heart) and begun writing a book (tentatively titled The Agreement). I am going to start submitting the story for possible publication. Stay tuned!



I recently finished my first story. I will probably be posting more here as things heat up.

A Wonderful Day In the Neighborhood

Sorry about the happy horseshit but it felt like a good title. Finally started back writing today and structuring my time better. I’m optimistic that I’ll be finishing some projects shortly. So there.

Effective Affectiveness

I have no idea what that means. I spent some time with my muse Saturday to help better define the main characters voices in the book and decide on some directions I want to go in. I’ve never had a muse before so this is also new to me. All of this is new. I’m just a happy little baby. It’s interesting just by starting writing I’ve been dreaming and remembering shit more. Hmmm…K, may write more today but bye for now.

The Affects of Effects

One thing I will do in this blog is write about writers, stories and books that I like that probably influence me. Though my first love is basically horror fiction (which bears some definition) I frequently delve in to science fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime, true crime, etc. Usually the more fucked up the better, but what I like most are stories that affect me. The deeper the better. If I cry the writer has done his work well. If am enthralled but don’t know if I want to continue reading for what I might discover, the writer is successful again. If I have a hard time staying awake and getting through a book, then I’m probably not, and I don’t consider it successful writing. I realize everyone doesn’t feel this way. I do occasionally read a book just to get mindless for a while. My favorite book of all time is Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon. I just re-read it for the 4th or 5th time and I’m still not sure I can tell you why. I think what I like about it most is that it gives a fair portrayal of the dark and the light side of reality within the container of an enjoyable, exciting story. What I’ve read of Sturgeon includes some the most horrible things you can imagine told through loving eyes. I’ll talk more later but I want to mention some my favorite writers: Thomas Ligotti, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Brian Hopkins, Jeffrey Thomas, Scott Thomas, George R.R. Martin, Michael Shea, W. P. Pugmire, Theodore Sturgeon, Mark Samuels, Laird Barron, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Carroll, and many others.

The Exasperation of Untimeliness Pt. 2

The book I’ve started is a novel. Not sure what genre you would call it yet but should be in the neighbor of dark fantasy. At this point the ideas I’m planning to use don’t fit one particular classificaton. In very general terms the book will center around 2 main characters who have dated on and off for 8 years and find themselves kind of together when a possible cataclysmic event has started happening to the Earth involves cracks and fissures and shit like that. The first couple of pages are mostly dialogue because I want to establish the main characters personalities and voices right away to see if they work out well. The tentative title is intended have at least two meanings that are literal and metaphoric. I need to go eat and write a while. I’ll be back. Don’t do anywhere!

The Exasperation of Untimeliness

I’m blogging..I’m blogging…I’m blogging…
This is not an affirmation. It is more mumbling to myself and hoping the mumbles will move my stiff fingers beyond the world of imagination and into the concrete world of print.
I’ve recently starting writing a book tentatively entitled Higher Division. It’s still in the very earlier stages, but it’s started. I’ve been wanting to write forfuckingever (sp.). I’m planning on blogging daily to get the little grey cells working and may diverge into the anywhereness of untimeliness.